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Kelsey Loper-Antelope Hunt

Kelsey Loper-Antelope Hunt

Montana antelope season started with a bang this year, or I guess a "thwack" as it is archery season. Being the Montana trip coordinator for a great all ladies outdoor group, I decided to put together an antelope hunt out West. We teamed up with Montana Big Game Outfitters in Eastern Montana.

On opening day at 5:15 am I got in my blind overlooking a water hole, by 7 am I was reading my book and when I looked up a buck was drinking!! I ranged him at 36 yards, I drew back and he started walking away. I tried calling to stop him but he was intended to move on with his day. I was so bummed that I thought I missed my one shot. But by almost 9 hours later sitting in 103-degree weather, amazingly he came back. I saw him before he was at the water hole this time and was ready to go. I knew he wasn't going to give me much time so I quickly ranged at 30 yards and without thinking I let it fly. "Thwack"!!! He bucked and bellowed and took off at antelope speed(dead run) I watched him for 300 yards and lost him in the distance. My shot was a tad high but I lunged at him. He went down very soon after and I was one happy hunter. An antelope with a bow is such a challenge as they are fast, have great eyesight, and live in the open where it's hard to stalk them. I love the addiction to an archery challenge and love chasing these speed goats. This is my 2nd antelope killed with a bow and can't wait for next year!!

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