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Misty Woodland


Learn More About Advent-hers

Advent-hers is designed for women who love the outdoors and being active.  Comfortable and breathable clothing made to fit and support your lifestyle, and are perfect for any adventure.  Advent-hers is more than a clothing store, our goal is to unite women and provide a forum for the sharing of the love for the outdoors.  A place where you can submit your stories, helpful tips, creative ideas, tricks, or anything else outdoor related on our blog.  Join us in supporting women as we each create our own paths.

Meet the founder



Mary has grown up always loving the outdoors. From backpacking, fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting. Mary enjoys spending time with her husband, who is currently active duty for the US Army. You can almost always find Mary either in the middle of the river fly fishing or on the side of the mountain hiking or hunting. With the outdoors being her main passion she wants to bring all women together to share their passions for the outdoors. She created Advent-hers to unite all women who love the outdoors together. To share their stories, adventures, and a place to come together. 

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